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Welcome to Midwest Log Home and Cabin Restoration's site. I hope to have you return often as we add vital information for your log home's restoration and continued maintenance. . Visit our supplier link to Perma-chink™ products.

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Checklist for log home maintenance

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Owner interviewed by "LOG CABIN homes MAGAZINE. Posted 3/23/2011 Log cabin homes Magazine Log home news, " Keep It Up! article.


Recently completed log home restoration job using Permachink LIFELINE ULTRA-2 natural stain. Before and after restoration shots.

weathered log cabinrestored with water based stain log cabin


As America's largest manufacturer of wood finishes, preservatives, chinking and sealants for Log Homes, Perma-Chink Systems (PCS) is recognized worldwide as the trusted industry resource for premium products and expert wood care advice.

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Fly fishing lodges and cabins.

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Pat Wolfe Log Building school

Is your woodstove safe? Log HomebLog

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Example of full scribe log end replacement


Did you know that 90 percent of cabins are used as the primary residence?


Recent completed job using Permachink Ultra II Autumn gold



Log & Timber Connections is a distributor of ASSY Wood Screws

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Alaska lodge fishing

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Sources of Homeowner Insurance for Owners of Log Homes & Log Cabins

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Although Perma-Chink Systems (PCS) is the largest manufacturer of log home chinking and sealants, we make a complete line of quality wood care products. Wood Finishes, Preservatives, Cleaners, and Restoration Products. All are available by clicking on the category links above. In 1981 PCS introduced flexible chinking to the log home industry to replace what was the standard at the time - concrete mortar and painted splines. This revolutionary product, Perma-Chink Log Home Chinking, looked like authentic mortar but stretched and flexed to accommodate log movement while maintaining a tight seal for the life of the house.

Article on Carpenter ants by Vince Palmere

Lignin (sometimes "lignen") is a chemical compound that is most commonly derived from wood and is an integral part of the cell walls of plants, especially in tracheids, xylem fibres and sclereids. It is one of most abundant organic compounds on earth after cellulose and chitin. Lignin makes up about one-quarter to one-third of the dry mass of wood.

Picture of sections of paint removed from a log home. Remember never paint your log home. Paint will trap moisture behind the log and lead to log rot. Be sure and do a lead paint test (available at Home Depot) before removing paint.

Bugs that eat logs: Powder Post Beetles, Old house borers, Carpenter ants

Urban Pest Control
Research center

Tips for making your Log Home, lodge or cabin stain last

According to the "Log Home Living Institutes's" most recent construction report, there were 26,647 log homes built in the United States in 2003, part of more than 500,000 such homes existing in the United States.

Remember to stay on a regular maintenance program, it's cost-effective to log wash (Permachink product) your home twice a year in the long run.

Call us today for all your exterior wood restoration needs. Call 888-231-2412. We are the Northwest premier wood restoration specialist.

Log Cabin Directory is a leading source for log home information for shoppers and owners of log and timber frame homes and log cabins. Find architects, dealers, builders, manufacturers, floor plans, renovation and DIY maintenance information, and see us featured there!

Fall Maintenance issues for your log home and cabin.

Most people are accustomed to spring cleaning, but if you are a home
owner, you know that your house needs attention year-round. Fall
maintenance is much like spring house-cleaning, but more preventative
and less “cleaning.” And it’s much easier to do it now rather than
wait till the weather turns nasty.

Fall means leaves—and plenty of them. You will certainly need to clean
out your gutters. A word of caution: most of the automatic guard
systems only screen out large leaves while allowing gunk and small
sediment to accumulate. You still will have to routinely clean the
nasty rotting gunk out of your gutters! So an alternative is to have
your roofer regularly come and clean your gutters every fall. You
should make sure that the drainage area around the downspout is
functioning properly as well. The roof area should also be checked for
any leaks around the flashing at the chimney and around the vents for
the heating or sewer system.

While inspecting the roof area it’s important to check for any holes
or access spots where squirrels, raccoons or bats can enter your home
and make themselves a vacation home for the winter. Clear away all
debris from around the foundation of the house.

Caulking around all exterior areas is a must. You probably won’t find
but a few areas where the caulk needs replacing, and it’s not a big
job to replace old caulking with a fresh bead where needed. Weather
stripping also should be examined and replaced if you find any that is
curled or coming loose. Neither the caulking nor weather stripping
replacement is a heavy job. It just takes some care and close
examination. This can usually be done in a day for a moderate-sized

Your exterior walls should get a good cleaning. In addition to making
your home look great, a wash-down with Log Wash will get rid of the
dust, dirt and grime. Freezing weather is especially hard on log
exteriors and a little bit of upkeep now may prevent costly repairs
next spring.


Log corner styles

Square notch & Swedish Cope Saddle Notch

Square notch log zipper Sewdish Cope Saddle Notch

Butt and Pass & Dovetail

Butt and Pass log zipper Dovetail log cabin zipper